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In Progress: Blue Guy & Fly Animated Shorts

Blue Guy & Fly is a series of animated shorts based on a script I wrote about a year ago. (Learn more about the project here.) Here I’ll post the latest video. This is the latest cut of the first video from animators Kathputlee Arts & Films. Now we are starting to get closer to the final product. The animator still needs to animate the character’s mouths, add music and fx (sound effects), and opening / closing credits.

Because the animation wasn’t done when the VO was completed a year ago, I was given what they call the “raw” files. These are the unedited sound files of the actor’s voiceover. Often, there are multiple takes of the same line. Sharad and his team from Kathputlee Arts & Films, selected most of the VO for Act I. I agreed with their choice in some cases, but there were a few that I wanted them to change. For example, I preferred the first take of one of Blue’s lines, “That’s why it’s called painting class, fly.”

Another important consideration is the timing between sentences. Remember, all the voices, every line, is separated. The pieces have to be put together and synced with the animation. Sometimes, characters are saying lines right no top of each other. Other times, you want a dramatic pause of three beats (1…2…3…say the next line).

I’ve given a list of changes to the animator. Next, he’ll provide a video that (hopefully) incorporates all those changes, and the other missing pieces (animating the mouths, music, fx, etc.)

Are you an animator? Would love to hear your comments!

*****Previous versions of Blue Guy & Fly*****

This is a VERY rough cut of the first video from animators Kathputlee Arts & Films.You can see generally where the story is going, but the voiceover (VO) is not in sync yet with the animation. And, the characters’ mouths and limbs are not yet animated. Also, there are no sound effects (fx) yet or music yet.

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