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Download FREE Kitten & Butterfly Coloring Pages!

kitten_butterflyKitten & Butterfly is part of the Kitten and Friends series. Every softcover print book includes a coloring book. The series is also available in Spanish. To see all of Aviva Gittle Publishing books click here.

Click Here for FREE Kitten & Butterfly Coloring Pages

Kitten & Butterfly, Kitten & Koi, Kitten & Snake, Kitten & Squirrel, Kitten & Boy, Gatito y Koi, and Gatito y Mariposa are available on Amazon. More Kitten books are on the way!

Kitten & Butterfly by Aviva Gittle CoverKitten & Squirrel by Aviva Gittle CoverKitten & Koi by Aviva Gittle Cover