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Mariana Llanos’ Favorite Peruvian Recipe

Mariana shared her favorite Peruvian recipe, Papa a la Huancaina (Potatoes with Huancaina Sauce)

“There are several ways to prepare this sauce, but for me this is the easiest and has never failed me.”


2 hard boiled eggs
1 garlic clove whole and peeled
Yellow Peruvian Pepper at least 2 or 3 (you can find this in ethnic markets Aji Amarillo, is the name in Spanish)
Queso Fresco (1 pack) (you find this in most super markets by the Mexican cheeses)
Milk as needed to thin the sauce
1/2 cup Vegetable oil
Cooked potatoes
Olives (to garnish)
Hard boiled eggs (to garnish)

In a blender, put eggs, Aji Amarillo (peeled out and most seeds taken, (depending on your taste for spicy.), garlic and oil. Blend well. Crumble Queso Fresco and add it little by little along with milk. Blend until all combined. It should have the consistency of a thick sauce. It shouldn’t need salt as Queso Fresco is salty, but you can add more salt to taste or more Aji Amarillo, if you think it needs more color. Blend everything very well.

Serve over cooked and sliced potatoes, garnish with olives and hard boiled eggs cut in quarters.

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