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And the Winners of the Halloween Story Contest Are …

Penelope PumpkinAviva Gittle eBooks held its first ever story contest. The challenge was to entertain Aviva, the sole contest judge, with stories of Halloween in 25-100 words. No more…no less!

We had some great submissions, so good in fact, that I could not pick just one winner. JJ Dean, 10-years-old, is the son of Sara Dean, a children’s book author. JJ won the personally inscribed copy of The Enchanted Attic by M.D. Spenser. Fabio Chirinos, son of children’s book author, Mariana Llanos, won the $25 Amazon eGift card. (Fabio, you are buying books with that, right? Lol!) Wait a minute! The children of children’s book authors won a story contest? What a surprise. See that, parents? Teach your kids to love reading and writing and they might just win fabulous prizes the whole family can enjoy.

Winner of the 2013 Halloween Story Contest on Gittle
Fabio Chirinos, left, with brother, Andre

The Halloween Nightmare

By Fabio Chirinos, Age 10

One of my favorite things about Halloween is that it gives me a chance to express myself in a costume of my liking. Another thing is because you get FREE candy… FREE!!!!!!!! But I remember that spider. I was trick or treating with some friends around the neighborhood, we stopped at a neighbor’s house… Not a pleasant memory, okay?, there was a spider AND it was fake, but to me? POTATOE POTATO I’m scared of spiders either way. Those are a few things that I Like about Halloween + 1 thing that I dislike.

Aviva’s Comments: I love that a 10-year-old talks about expressing himself. An artist in the making. Also, “Potatoe” made me think of Dan Quayle. Not a pleasant memory, okay? But a darn funny one!

A Family Halloween

By JJ Dean, Age 10

Winner of the 2013 Halloween Story Contest on Gittle
JJ Dean poses in front of the Halloween Christmas Tree

My favorite thing about Halloween is that I get to dress up in a costume. During Halloween we get a lot of candy, although we don’t trick or treat. My mom makes us goody bags filled with candy instead. We go to my grandma’s house and watch movies and eat pizza and candy. It’s a lot of fun.

Aviva’s Comments: I love the family theme here. Maybe it’s because I’m a grandma (okay, it’s because I’m a grandma), but how wonderful that grandma is included in the Halloween fun. Sara, you got a picture of granny in her costume? Lol! 

JJ is a huge M.D. Spenser fan. Here is his review of Your Momma’s a Werewolf:

Iggy’s mom had a great idea – to go camping. During their camping trip they get attacked by a wolf. It bites Iggy’s mom, and then weird things start happening. Howling comes from outside the place they’re staying, and they keep hearing weird growls. Is Iggy’s mom turning into a werewolf? Read the book to find out. The book was really good. My favorite part was when Iggy’s mom got bit.

JJ’s sister, Emily Dean, age 6, is a Pinkalicious fan. Here’s her review:

Pinkalicious is about stuff being pink. And it has creative ideas. She turns pink when she eats too many cupcakes and that night she eats another cupcake, and the next morning she turns red. Then she eats a bunch of green vegetables and turns back to normal. I like it. Especially the part where she turns pink. It’s a good book. I also like the other pinkalicious books.

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  1. Fabio Fabio

    Hey, I CAN’T BELIEVE I WON!!! YESH. (Yesh is my signature “Yes”) My mom showed me that I won while we were in the car, and yes, I bought a book with the amazon gift card and I bought a toy and pens with the rest of the money (You can’t expect for a kid NOT to get a toy with a gift card, right?) Thank you mom for checking for spelling errors and grammar mistakes, and thank you Aviva for choosing me for the contest and congrats to JJ too!

  2. JJ JJ

    I’m so excited I won! Thanks Aviva for having the contest, and great job Fabio! Yours was awesome too!

    • avivagittle avivagittle

      You are welcome! Let us know what the inscription says in the book when you receive it from M.D. Spenser.

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