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FREE Children’s Picture Book Reviews

Gittle Publishing Children's Books logoFor 5 years (2013-2017), Gittle Publishing hosted a book competition exclusively for self-published children’s picture books. Now, Aviva offers free book reviews.


Read this entire FAQ and the article I reference within it before asking me to review your book. Email questions to Leaving comments here about your particular book will delay a response. Sometimes for years.

The basics

Your book must be no more than 1500 words (excluding back & front matter), you must be 18+ years old, and your book must be for sale on Amazon. However, unpublished manuscripts are acceptable if you just want feedback prior to publishing. (A good idea.)

What’s the catch?

The catch is that only 10-15% of books receive a review. To learn why (and to meet my requirements), read this article: 6 Reasons Your Kid’s Book Won’t Get a Review.

Why so few reviews?

I will only post reviews for books that I can honestly give at least 4 stars. I won’t hurt a fellow author’s sales by posting a bad review.

Are you a professional reviewer?

No. I’m a self-published author of (to date) 20 children’s picture books. I have read hundreds of self-published children’s picture books as the host of The Gittle List children’s picture book contest.

Can I send more than one book?

No. Please pick your best book or the one for which you really need more reviews. However, if I do leave a review for your first book, you can ask me to review a second book.

Will you review my child’s self-published book?

No. Children should not be expected to handle criticism as adults. There are adult authors who can’t handle criticism like adults.

Are we review swapping?

No. I think review swapping is a bad idea. If you don’t like my book, you either have to lie and post a good review or be put in the uncomfortable position of having to tell me you didn’t like my book. Offering free reviews without asking the author to review one of my books allows me to be honest.

My book has 4+ stars on Amazon and I get great feedback all the time. Doesn’t that mean you’ll probably review my book?

It definitely does not. I have read many books with 4+ ratings that were not 4+ star books to me.

What’s in it for you?

  1. Posting reviews for you gives Gittle Publishing content for its various social media sites. This is called “cross-marketing.” I ask you to SHARE posts. This gives us both exposure. It’s a win-win.
  2. It’s a way for me to give back to a community that has been very generous to me. Especially when I first started out in 2013 knowing absolutely nothing about self-publishing.

Okay, How Do I Get This Review?

  1. Read this FAQ page.
  2. Email a digital copy of your book.*
  3. Put “Request for book review” in the subject.
  4. Let me know that you have read this FAQ page in its entirety and read the article 6 Reasons Your Kid’s Book Won’t Get a Review.

*The PDF proof for the print version, an ePub file, a link to download the book for free from Amazon (you have to give me at least a day’s warning of the promotion), or gift the book to me through Amazon.

How will I know if you read my book?

After two weeks, if you don’t see a review, ask me. If you want to hear honest feedback, let me know. Otherwise I’ll just confirm that I read the book, but did not leave a review.

Anything else?

Yes. Please share this post on Facebook. LinkedIn, and Threads. (I no longer use Twitter or X or whatever it’s called now.)

Questions? Email Aviva at

Aviva Gittle writes and publishes children’s books in English and Spanish. Her books, including Kitten & Butterfly, Bagel Boy, and Moon Jump, are available on Amazon.

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  1. Dear Aviva,

    I am a “late bloomer” too and interested in having you review my picture book, Special Memory. It’s release date is Sept. 15, 2019. I’ve worked with a publisher called Waldorf Publishing. They’ve produced the book but I’ve covered the cost to have the book created. Does this fall under “self-published”? Please excuse my naivety, as I said, this process is new to me. I can send you either a PDF version as my release date grows closer or a hard copy, which I would need to know how to “gift” through Amazon. I also could send a copy through regular mail.

    I am still learning and don’t fully understand how to use the “gifting” to a reviewer through Amazon. Would you explain how I would do this?

    Thank you for helping fellow picture book authors.



  2. Hi, Christina! I emailed you a response. In general, if you still own the rights to your book, you are self-published. When I talk about gifting, I’m referring to the eBook version of your story. A PDF version is fine. Email it to

  3. Hi Aviva
    I’m an author and illustrator of two children’s picture books.
    (A Tough Nut To Crack) and ( My Beach Adventure) is for early readers ages 3-5 . Right now they are both on Amazon .
    I’m also interested in having you review “My Beach Adventure” it is a short read with rhymes for early readers.
    I have this book on K.U, .but I can gift it to you.
    If you decide to review it.

    Thank You for your time.
    Kind Regards
    Eric VanTuyl

    • Hi, Eric:

      Please read this FAQ page completely. It should answer all your questions. Be sure to also read the article referenced within it. Thanks! -Aviva

  4. Nadine Dulake Nadine Dulake

    Hi Aviva,

    I have read both the FAQ and article and I am well over 18 years old. I am about to publish my children’s rhyming picture book ‘The Bogey Fiend’ for ages 5-8 I would very much appreciate a review for it if possible. It has been well edited and illustrated by a reputable illustrator. I can send you the pdf proof via email.
    instagram :

  5. Steven Adler Steven Adler

    I would like “The Cupcake Bandit” reviewed. The story is about Grandma and granddaughter baking cupcakes for Daddy and they go missing. A wonderful family relationship story.

  6. Spencer Binks Spencer Binks

    Dear Aviva,

    I recently published my own Picture book, The Bookkeeper, which had originally been written for my son.

    I would greatly appreciate any feedback you could provide, especially a review, which seem so much harder to come by than I was prepared for.

    Its is available on Amazon currently as part of a free promotion;

    Many thanks in advance,

    Spencer Binks

    • Hi, Spencer:

      I’m just seeing this comment now. Please completely read the FAQ page and then email me — per the instructions. Thanks!

  7. Would you review a book designed for Spanish and English readers? It only has 21 distinct words in Spanish with English dictionary and cultural references in the back. It has a repeating format like the Berenstein’s B book but it’s about the letter L.

    If not, I also have a silly story about English spelling but my drawings aren’t quite so good. They are both on Amazon,. La Lombriz and the Kanigit in his Kastel and I can send you pdfs if you’re interested.

    • Hi, Shondalae,

      It’s probably fine — assuming that your book meets all the other criteria. And, that you have completely read this FAQ and read the article mentioned within it. Please email the PDF print proof or a link to download the book for free. Thanks!


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