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May I Have Your Attention Please!

May I Have Your Attention Please Is a great article from Ecognomy.

It’s a long article, filled with a lot of information about how the brain works and correlating that with consumer behavior. Truth is: I rarely read a whole article on a blog. I scan, I read the first paragraph or two. It really has to be super interesting to hold my attention and this one did. But, it was the second to last paragraph that motivated me enough to post it on my website:

“ConsumerĀ behavior is not far from there; stimulating human interest and curiosity via engagement with the customers can accelerate the creation of dopamine who are already curious by nature and love unexpected surprises as long as they areĀ pleasant. Social media marketing should involve gradually delivering interesting articles, contest, creative activities, open-ended questions, (my emphasis) sharing something about the brand and satisfying customers’ curiosity in general.

Best marketing advice I’ve seen to date. See if it can hold your attention.

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