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M.D. Spenser Halloween Contest Rules

Enter Contest

  1. “No purchase of any kind is required.”
  2. Submit your Halloween story Submission Guidelines
  3. You must be over 18 to submit your entry. (Kids; ask Mom or Dad or another adult 18 or over to submit your entry)
  4. You must live in the United States, Canada (excluding Quebec) or Great Britain to participate in the contest. (Void where prohibited)
  5. Contest begins October 21, 2013 and ends midnight, October 31st, 2013 Pacific Standard Time (PST).
  6. One (1) entry per person in each household. Open to anyone, but only adults 18 and over can submit the entry (just state in the essay the first name and age of the child. Use of the last name is at the discretion of the adult submitting the entry).
  7. This contest is sponsored by Aviva Gittle eBooks, 3245 University Avenue, #1133, San Diego, CA 92104
  8. There is one prize, a personally inscribed paperback of M.D. Spenser’s book, “The Enchanted Attic” retail value (based on $ amount of book and increased value of having been signed by the author) approximately $25. AND a $25 eGift certificate through Total prize value: $50.
  9. The book may be substituted for another M.D. Spenser paperback for any reason (although we don’t plan to do that, but stuff happens. Some M.D. Spenser fan could try to corner the market on “The Enchanted Attic.” Hey, it could definitely happen.
  10. The odds of winning are dependent upon the number of total entries (exluding any entries rejected for not meeting contest guidelines). So, 500 entries; odds are 1 in 500 of winning. A minimum of 10 valid entries must be received or the contest will not proceed nor will the prizes be awarded.
  11. When you submit your entry you agree that it becomes the property of Aviva Gittle eBooks and can be posted anywhere that Aviva Gittle eBooks deems appropriate. You, however, are free to post your entry anywhere you want, and gloat to friends and family about how great your Halloween story is.
  12. Aviva Gittle, owner of Aviva Gittle eBooks, is the sole judge of the essays and will select the winner. Her decision is final and cannot be disputed in any way.
  13. The winning entrant and their story will be posted on, the name and age of the winner tweeted on Twitter (@AvivaGittle) and the name, age and entry posted on Aviva Gittle eBooks fan page on FaceBook. Aviva will also post the winner through the Aviva Gittle LinkedIn account.
  14. The winner will be selected no later than November 7, 2013.
  15. The winner will be contacted via email only. The address used to enter the contest will be used (make sure you add the to your list of safe sites).
  16. You must provide your mailing address and confirm the email address where you want the eGift card from Amazon sent. Only an electronic gift card will be sent. No later than 11/12/13. Otherwise, you will forfeit the prizes and they will be awarded to an alternate (selected by Aviva Gittle, owner of Aviva Gittle eBooks).
  17. The winning entrant’s prize will be mailed to them via regular mail no later than 11/21/13. Actual receipt of the prize is dependent upon your mail carrier. We suggest you keep dogs and any other vicious animals in the backyard so the postal carrier will be able to approach your dwelling to deliver the prize.
  18. Aviva Gittle will review all entries and be sole and final judge of the winning entry.
  19. List of winners can be obtained by visiting

Submission Guidelines

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