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Job Posting for Editor of Children’s Books

This is the actual job posting I used to find an editor on It cost about $75 to have two different editors review 4 children’s stories. Under 20 bucks a story.


“PLEASE: Read entire post carefully before bidding.

Individual author in the process of self-publishing several children’s books is seeking a brutally honest editor.


1. Budget-friendly.

2. Complete discretion and privacy. (One of the job descriptions on this site actually had 7 stories and an invoice posted in the job description. My stories are copyrighted or have a copyright pending, but I’m not ready to share them with the world.)

3. Experience editing children’s stories. It is nice if you have written stories for children, but I want someone who has edited the stories of people they don’t know.

4. Ability to give clear, specific feedback on each paragraph of the story and the story as a whole.

5. High level command of the English language.

6. I am not looking for a complete rewrite of my stories. I just want to make sure that they are well-written and appropriate for the target audience.

To date, only friends and family have reviewed the work. It’s easier to have a stranger give truly honest feedback and recommend edits. Or at least that’s my working theory.

I’m easy to work with, straightforward (as any self-respecting New Yorker should be) and I will immediately fund escrow upon agreement of terms.

IMPORTANT: Please be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Here’s the size breakdown (titles abbreviated for privacy):

Story 1: KB: 772 words (Target age: 4-7)
Story 2: CABB: 1,508 (Target age: 5-10)
Story 3: INA: 563 (Target age: 4-7 with an appeal to adults)
Story 4: BB: 469 (Target age: 4-7)

4 Stories; 3,312 total words

All works are copyrighted or copyright is pending.

Thank you in advance for proposal. Your time and effort are greatly appreciated!”
Job ID: 38556632
Desired Skills
English Proofreading, Children’s Writing, Creative Writing, Editing, English

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