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Book Review – Hope’s Story – Tracy Kushwaha

Aviva recommends Hope’s Story by Tracy Kushwaha.

Amazon Review:

A Pet Is for Life

5.0 out of 5 stars

August 19, 2018
Format: Kindle

Loved this story on several levels. It is told from the perspective of Hope, who starts out as a happy puppy. Hope tells her story in real-time as she goes from being loved and then abandoned. It does have a happy ending (and I admit I cried my eyes out). Author Tracy Kushwaha tells the story simply but manages to convey what a dog likely feels. Much like a child who only knows that they are happy and suddenly are they are sad. Yuffie Yuliana’s illustrations are bright and colorful.

Too many people see pets as disposable. Some adults give into kids who beg for a puppy or kitten. This book can help you discuss with your child the responsibility that comes with a pet. And perhaps a reminder for the adult to really consider whether they can take on the responsibility of a pet. (You cannot count on a child to take care of a pet — no matter what they say.) Particularly dogs. I call them “perpetual toddlers.”

Highly recommend.

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