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Are You Successful Now?

Ever notice that Twitter accounts filled with inspirational quotes and sickly sweet platitudes have an inordinate number of followers?

There are quotes here and there that are indeed insightful and provide inspiration. But I can’t be the only one weary of this onslaught of one-sentence commands.

Do this to be successful. Do that to be happy.

Do this to be successful. Do that to be happy. Do this to be healthy. Do that to feel good about yourself.

Who defines success? I think there is a near universal image of a person dripping with jewelry, driving a fancy car, living in a big house, and getting everyone around them to do their bidding. If you choose to define success that way and believe a bunch of one-liner advice from strangers is going to get you there — go for it.

The (mostly) unspoken notion is that those of us who define success differently are, well, kinda losers. But not everyone…

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