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Snack Attack! by Mark Megson
The newest Aviva Gittle eBook! 2nd in the “My First Chapter” eBook series. By Mark Megson. Illustrated by Jennifer Chappell.
In Nana's Arms (featuring the artwork of Karissa Hunter) written by Aviva Gittle
In Nana’s Arms is a tribute to Grandma’s everywhere. Features the soft watercolor illustrations of Karissa Hunter.
The Boy Who Bounced to the Moon by Aviva Gittle and Mark Megson
The Boy Who Bounced to the Moon an Aviva Gittle “My First Chapter” eBook. By Aviva and Mark Megson. Illustrated by Carlos Brito.
Bagel Boy Written by Aviva Gittle and Illustrated by Jennifer Chappell
Bagel Boy teaches kids healthy nutrition in a fun, non-preachy and engaging way. Written by Aviva Gittle. Illustrated by Jennifer Chappell.