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Nana’s Product Review – Kelty TC 2.0 Child Carrier

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Nana Reviews the Kelty TC 2.0 Baby Carrier

NOTE: This was my Amazon review of the older model. Here is the link to the new model. (Pictures of pack in blue are  of an older model.)

After researching many, many carriers, I selected this Kelty TC 2.0 Child Carrier.This has been great for my grandson and me. He gets to enjoy being outside and I get great exercise. It will hurt your shoulders for awhile. Especially if, like me, you stopped going to the gym long ago. (It made me really sorry I stopped weight training!)

Make sure that everything is adjusted correctly. A store clerk noticed that my grandson was leaning to one side and she adjusted the straps while he and the carrier were still on my back. Made a big difference.I always bring the stroller along with the carrier. (We are walking around a city, not hiking.) This way, I can either put the groceries and the mail in the stroller or vise versa. I have walked around with my 24 pound baby boy up to 2 hours. Am I tired when I get home? You bet! That’s not the fault of the carrier.

If you have back problems, then you probably should just carry your child in a stroller and not use one of these. If you are active enough to hike, it’s just a question of getting used to having a carrier and a child on your back, experimenting with the various adjustments, etc. Practice, practice, practice before you take your child outside in it. I walked around the house and had my partner check things out and make adjustments.  I’m just under 5′ 4″, middle-aged and in good physical condition.

This carrier is something you can use around town and for hiking. Although it is not overly big, you will still be in people’s way in tight aisles. Remember the 40 pound TOTAL limit. The child plus whatever you have in the backpack. The storage in the backpack is great. Perfect for diaper changing kit, small toys, kid’s book and snacks. I use the side pockets for his sippy cup. I do use the small pockets on the front of the belt for carrying license, credit card, cash, etc. Just remember to put those items back in your purse or wallet when you return home. (I forgot and was driving around without my license…duh!) It is great to have the freedom to walk around the market, hands free. My grandson just really digs it. See the video here (takes a few seconds to get started).  Nana’s Grandson in Carrier.  Highly recommend it. But, strongly suggest trying it right away and buying through Amazon Prime (anyone who uses Amazon regularly should enroll in Amazon Prime), so that you can easily return it if it doesn’t work for you. Nana’s Verdict: It’s a buy!


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