Bagel Boy

BBCover4IntervewWelcome to Gittle! Here at Gittle you can learn about great children’s books, watch fun videos hand-picked by me and enter drawing and writing contests.

I wrote my first children’s book in 1995. Back then, you needed an agent or a publishing company to get your stories into the hands of children. Today, anyone…absolutely anyone…can publish a book.

It’s great that anyone can share their stories with the world.  But, a very important thing gets lost when authors publish their own books:  Quality!

Inexperienced authors often neglect the review and editing process.  The hardest part of being a writer is letting go of your words. I am no different. Fortunately, before I published my first story, I hired professional editors. The truth was hard, but has greatly improved my writing.

Today, through companies like, and other online freelance agencies, you can hire a team of professional illustrators, editors, translators, page layout designers, and others at fair rates.

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