Nana’s Rules


If you would not say it to Nana, don’t say it here! Like Nana, we have eyes in the back of our heads. Not every response has to be nice, but say it in a nice way or you and your post will get a time out.

Be sure your posts are kid- and grandma-friendly before you hit the Submit button.

Nana won’t tolerate:

  1. Spam or posts that have nothing to do with the  topic.
  2. Asking for money, trying to sell something or trying to get something for free.
  3. Offensive in any way: Racially, ethnically, religiously, etc. You know what’s bad!
  4. Defamation. A big word that means lying about a person on purpose to hurt them.
  5. Threatening, harassing or abusing ANYONE. No bullying!
  6. Obscene, profane or vulgar language. Or Nana will wash your mouth out with soap.
  7. Anything illegal or encouraging others to do bad stuff. Nana won’t bail you out.
  8. Lying: If you know it isn’t true, don’t say it or claim someone else said it. Nana WILL withhold cookies for this offense.
  9. Infringing on copyright, trademark or any other rights of others. Nana will totally send you to your room for this. After she takes away your iPad, Kindle, iPhone, TV, laptop and any other fun electronic device.
  10. Impersonating anyone else (actual or fictitious). It’s okay to pretend you’re Superman on Halloween in your own neighborhood, but not here.

Your comments will be moderated. Meaning if Nana doesn’t think they’re nice, she’ll remove them. Hopefully before any children or grandparents are irreversibly harmed.

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