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Hi! I’m Aviva, owner of Aviva Gittle Publishing.

Aviva holds up “Kitten & Snake” part of the “Kitten and Friends” series for children.

Welcome to Gittle! Here at Gittle you can learn about great children’s books, read articles about writing (see M.D. Spenser’s great column about writing for children, Story Craft), and meet interesting people creating media for kids.

I wrote my first children’s book in 1995. Back then, you needed an agent or a publishing company to get your stories into the hands of  children. Self-publishing and companies like Amazon and Apple have opened up the world for writers and readers.

I’m a strong believer in being in charge of your own destiny. That’s why I decided that I would learn everything I could about publishing quality stories for children. In the column Birth of a Children’s Book, I will share my personal stories about writing and publishing children’s books.

You may have heard that writing children’s stories is easy and that some people have made a lot of money doing it.  I’ve seen YouTube videos and blogs promising easy money self-publishing stories for our children. Like most “get-rich-quick-schemes” it sounds too good to be true. Writing and publishing great children’s stories is hard. It should be. We owe our children our best effort. shares the stories of authors, illustrators and others who create books and creative media for children. Use the contact form to ask me anything. Be sure to sign up for Gittle News!

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AvivaWithGym4WEBAviva Gittle Publishing offers great stories for children in English and Spanish, including the Kitten and Friends / Gatito y amigos series. To see a list of all Aviva Gittle Publishing books, click here.

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